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As a commercial property owner, you know that your doors are essential to the safety and security of your property. Commercial doors must be stronger and withstand much more daily use than residential doors. Martin Murray Installation is proud to serve as your commercial door contractor in Charleston, SC or Nolensville, TN. We have the experience to provide a wide range of commercial door inspection, repair, installation and maintenance services.

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Invest in the proper upkeep for your commercial doors

In order to make sure that your commercial doors are installed and functioning properly, it's important to rely on a professional for all your commercial door services. The staff at Martin Murray Installation go above and beyond to make sure at your doors stay in top-notch shape. You can count on us for:

If your doors need service, don't put it off for another day. Talk to a commercial door contractor in Charleston, SC or Nolensville, TN today. We'll gladly give you a free estimate.

Understand the difference between commercial and residential doors

Although they serve the same purpose, commercial and residential doors are very different. Commercial doors are meant to withstand significantly more use and are generally made of stronger more, secure materials. Interior commercial wood doors are also taller and thicker than residential doors.

The experts at Martin Murray Installation can help you select exactly the right doors for your property. If something is broken or improperly installed, we'll fix it right away.

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